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Papers accepted for AoIR2024

I have two papers accepted for AoIR 2024: “Conceptualizing Precision Labor in Artificial Intelligence Training,” a paper co-authored with Tianling Yang, Oliver Haimson, and Michaelanne Thomas, and "The Technopolitics of Waiting: Case Studies of AI Training in China and Homeless Services Systems in the U.S.," a paper I co-first-authored with Pelle Tracey and co-authored with with Patricia Garcia, Oliver Haimson, and Michaelanne Thomas. May 6, 2024


Presenting at Weizenbaum Institute and DiPLab

I presented my Weizenbaum fellowship project, "Turning Data into Assets: Labor, Infrastructure, and Policy in China’s Emerging Data Ecosystems," with my wonderful collaborator Tianling Yang at the Weizenbaum Institute and DiPLab. Very thankful for Dr.  Milagros Miceli's supervision and support on this work. April 24, 2024

Guest lecture for SI 430 - Information Technology and Global Society

I delivered a guest lecture in a UMSI undergraduate course, Information, Technology, and Global Society, where I shared my dissertation fieldwork experience and talked about my latest research, The Promise and Precarity of Al4D: Precision Labor and Its Consequences. April 4, 2024

Paper accepted for ICWSM 202​4   

"Landscape of Large Language Models in Global English News: Topics, Sentiments, and Spatiotemporal Analysis," a paper I co-authored with Lu Xian, Lingyao Li, Yiwei Xu, and Libby Hemphill, has been accepted by ICWSM 2024.  March 15, 2024

Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship 

I am really honored to be selected to receive the prestigious  Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship at the University of Michigan to support my dissertation! March 8, 2024  

Paper accepted for CSCW 202​4 

"'I'm Constantly in This Dilemma': How Migrant Technology Professionals Perceive Social Media Recommendation Algorithms,"  a paper I co-first-authored with Cassidy Pyle and co-authored with Oliver Haimson and Nazanin Andalib, has been accepted by CSCW 2024. December 10, 2023

Weizenbaum Institute Fellowship 

I am extremely honored to be a Weizenbaum Fellow at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society. I am excited to work with Dr. Milagros Miceli and Tianling Yang next Spring. September 20, 2023

Selected for CSCW and AoIR Doctoral Consortium

I have been selected to be part of the CSCW 2023 Doctoral Consortium and AoIR 2023 Doctoral Colloquium! Extremely honored to be a part of these and get feedback on my early dissertation work. June 10, 2023 

Lieberthal-Rogel Travel and Research Fellowship

​I am very honored to receive the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies' Lieberthal-Rogel Travel and Research Fellowship. I am so excited that this award will support my research for Summer 2023! April 14, 2023

Rackham International Research Awards (RIRA)

I am very excited to announce that I have been awarded an International Institute Student Fellowship for my early dissertation fieldwork in China! April 14, 2023

Acceptance to the 2023 Digital IDEAS Summer Institute

I will be participating in the 2023 Digital IDEAS Summer
Institute on
Digital Physical Entanglements: Environments, Bodies, and Space this July at the Digital Studies Institute, University of Michigan.  
March 21, 2023


DIS 2023 program committee

I am serving on the program committee for DIS 2023 as an associate chair in Critical Computing and Design Theory & Change Through Design track. Very excited to support the paper-reviewing process!  February 21, 2023

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant funding received

I received a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant for my early dissertation fieldwork. January 31, 2023

Acceptance to Digital Ethnography Research Centre Summer Program

I will participate in the Digital Ethnography Research Centre summer program on Digital Ethnography Fieldwork and Analysis: Studying hybrid contexts of human+ non-human+ more-than-human entanglements this Feb at RMIT University! January 20, 2023

I'm now a Ph.D. Candidate!

So excited to announce that I passed my Field Prelim Exam today, and I'm now a PhD Candidate! Thanks so much to my prelim committee for all of their support and valuable feedback: Julie Hui, Kentaro Toyama, Michaelanne Thomas, and Oliver L. Haimson. August 25, 2022

Paper accepted for CSCW 2022 

I am excited to announce that my pre-candidacy paper, "The Chinese Diaspora and The Attempted WeChat Ban: Platform Precarity, Anticipated Impacts, and Infrastructural Migration," co-authored by Oliver L. Haimson and Michaelanne Thomas, has been accepted for CSCW 2022. June 17, 2022

Received Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award! 

I received UMSI’s Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) of the Year Award for the 2021-2022 academic year. I very much enjoyed working as a GSI in the Bachelor of Science in Information (BSI) courses - SI 482: Interaction Design Studio and SI 350: UX Field Research in the Public Sector. May 31, 2022

Workshop papers accepted for CHI 2022 HCI Across Borders

Our workshop papers, Migrations in the U.S. and Five Declarations on Borders for HCI: A Series of PositionStatements from the AnthroTech Lab, were accepted by the CHI 2022 HCI Across Borders workshop. This workshop focuses on “Navigating Shifting Borders at CHI.” March 20, 2022

Papers accepted for CSCW 2022

"Social Media's Role During Identity Changes Related to Major Life Events," a paper I co-authored with Shanley Corvite (lead author) and Oliver L. Haimson, and "Separate Online Networks During Life Transitions: Support, Identity, and Challenges in Social Media and Online Communities," co-first-authored with Tianxiao Liu, Shanley Corvite, Oliver L. Haimson and co-authoredNazanin Andalibi were accepted for CSCW 2022.  March 18, 2022

I passed my doctoral pre-candidacy defense!

I passed my pre-candidacy paper and defense today. Thanks so much to my committee, Kentaro Toyama, Michaelanne Thomas, and Oliver L. Haimson, for their support along the way. September 23, 2021

Paper accepted for CSCW 2021 

"The Online Authenticity Paradox: What Being 'Authentic' on Social Media Means, and Barriers to Achieving It," co-authored with Oliver L. Haimson (lead author), Tianxiao Liu, and Shanley Corvite. June 17, 2021

I'm starting my Ph.D. in Information at UMSI!

I'm starting my Ph.D. in Information at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) this fall. I am excited about working with Dr. Oliver Haimson and Dr. Michaelanne Thomas in the coming years. August 25, 2020


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